Yesterday I blogged about how I introduce myself to my characters. I described TJ, one of the men in a book I’m starting.  As soon as I got started thinking about TJ, the heroine popped out, her name, nickname, her background.  That’s how it works for me.  Soon I’ll start moving from scribbled notes to the computer.  It will be a while before I give myself permission to write.

But enough about me-how about you? How does the writing happen for you?


Betsy Lerner pointed out in her awesome book THE FOREST FOR THE TREES that we are certainly not the first generation of writers who have been faced with the challenge of self-promotion.  Walt Whitman did a huge  “dog and pony show” for LEAVES OF GRASS. 

But there’s no choice.  We have to keep pounding the on line pavement or the world will paint right over us. I see lots of great advice on MEDIA BISTRO/GALLEY CAT

Kurt Vonnegut sent this advice to his son, Mark.  Easy for him to say, was the first thing I thought.  But it happens to be what I tell authors who come to me with ‘Writer’s Block’. I don’t think there is really a block.  When people have to follow their head to decide who will buy the book, what is the market for the book, if it is a category, what are the rules, will it find an agent and which agency might be the best, it is paralyzing.

So as a “doctor” I advise authors to play. Wipe out any thought of selling what you are writing.  Pretend you are a trust fund kid and write what you feel, a page at a time,say every day for 50 days. 

Beats watching Judge Judy, which is my own sneaky default mindsuck.

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